Do & Don't

Do & Don'ts While Shifting

Pre - Depature Do & Don'ts

1. Finalize Shifting Company.

2. Finalize & confirm packing and shifting dates.

3. Recheck and confirm shifting plans, finalize temporary and permanent accommodation.

4. Take NOC from RTO for vehicles.

5. Empty and defrost refrigerator and air-out 8 Hrs. before packing.

6. Appropriate insurance of the articles being traveled should also been made so that in case of any road accident or loss or theft you can claim your approximate price.

7. Disconnection of Gas Cylinder, Telephone and other Utility services.

8. Moreover, to make sure that in what box you have stored which certain distinctive item it should be labeled with appropriate stickers.

9. Finish packing personal effects and keep aside your valuables

10. The vehicle that is going to be used for the relocation and moving should be properly made ready for long distance so that no delays or hampering could be faced during the traveling of the delicate and priceless belongings.

11. Keep yourself free to be with packing team while the job is on.

12. Don’t rush to the act of packaging without a proper layout that may lead to the skipping of unnoticed and small but crucial steps in the packing procedure.

13. One personnel at least of the company you are hiring for the shifting should accompany your goods till the destination.

14. The fragile items or the delicate ones should not be packed along with the durable or heavier ones.

Do & Don'ts at Destination

1. Call shifting exert & give him your phone number & postal address to organize door delivery.

2. Be there at the time when your consignment arrives at your doorstep.

3. Check state of all the goods received & make a note in writing if any items are missing or damaged.

4. Arrange for connection of telephone and gas connection<./p>

5. Arrange for house maid, the milk man and newspaper vendor etc.

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